Advantages and Disadvantages of eCar insurance

Are you asking yourself what is ecar insurance? Well you are in the right place. ecar insurance is an online insurance solution that helps you manage your car insurance any time and from anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. With ecar insurance you only need to get online choose your preferred package and subscribe to it all through your internet powered gadget. Just like other types of car insurances ecar insurance has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of eCar insurance

It’s cheap and convenient. eCar insurance is cheaper and convenience as compared to other forms of car insurance. This can be attributed to the fact that in ecar insurance there is no intermediaries in between or brokers as it is evident in other forms of insurance schemes. In ecar insurance the client deals directly with the company thus eliminating the need for insurance brokers who would have otherwise made it more expensive and less convenient in acquiring the insurance

Availability of customized packages that fit the clients’ needs

In ecar insurance the companies which offer these services strive to offer competitive packages that would attract a wider customer base. As these companies try to have a competitive advantage over each other they end up coming with brilliant packages which are more attractive to customers. Examples of these packages include pay as you go policies, short term policies which may be as less as 28 days which are ideal for short drive tests and weekends drives. However these packages may vary from one insurance company to another. There is also pay as you go package which may be ideal for those drivers or clients who drive on few occasions.

Managing ecar insurance is usually a click away. This means that the whole exercise is very simple and straight forward. You just need to log in to your service provider website and manage your accounts. Renewals are made online. Claims are also initiated online which add to the convenience of the whole exercise.

Disadvantages of eCar insurance

Just like any other type of insurance ecar insurance has a few disadvantages. These disadvantages are outlined below.

Ecar insurance websites are hard to navigate along. To the users who are not tech savvy navigating through the contents of these websites could at time prove to be a bit hard especially if you are a first time user of the product.

Information on ecar insurance policies could be ambiguous or unclear to the clients and since there is no broker to elaborate the policies terms and conditions to the clients they may end up subscribing to the wrong plan altogether.

First time ecar insurance plan seekers may fall prey to online scams who may pretend to be acting on behalf of the service providers hence lose their money to through such scam.


With the evolving technology the insurance companies had to re-engineer their insurance packages in order to remain relevant to their clients and the ecra insurance plan i can say that was a superb products which caters for what clients lacked for decades. The advantages of ecar insurance outweighs the disadvantages and i would advise all car owners to give ecar insurance a trial. It could be that insurance package that will best suit.

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